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Alexandre Viale

Digital Influencer

Alexandre Viale

My name is Alexandre Viale and I’m 28 years old. Born and raised in Nice, on the French Riviera, I’m an authentic geek and above everything, a writer and editor at heart. To make a living out of these passions of mine, I committed to a Social Media Manager career. I write articles and I manage blogs for different communities on social networks. I am lucky to be working for the Nice-based start-up WiziShop. The company’s mission is to democratize e-shopping.

WiziShop is an e-business solution for professionals that helps them create e-shops in the most intuitive way possible. Simultaneously, I manage « Beau Parleur« , a blog dedicated to men fashion, where I share my own fashion ideas and discoveries, as well as my own tips to look good. Don’t ask me to choose between my two jobs, I’m totally fulfilled with both of them!

WiziShop / Social Media Manager

Beau Parleur / Blogger

Formidable Ecommercant / Manager

Soirée Ecommerce / Manager

Arty Trendy / Editor

SupDeWeb / Teacher

MobilBoard / WebMarketing

Crédit Agricole / Social Media Manager

Photo : Pierre Turtaut / Vidéo : Florian Bonin